Hearing God

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Title: Hearing God 
Length: 3 Hours

Part 1: Teaching.

Part 2: Activation time. The second half is an activation time with individual and group exercises designed to help you apply what you've learned and hear God's voice more clearly. Many have told us in this teaching, they've received their very first word from the Lord for themselves or someone else.

You will learn...

  • How you can better hear the Lord's voice for ourselves and others

  • 8 common ways God speaks to us

  • Identify the most common way(s) God speaks to you

  • The purpose and function of prophecy

  • Not all are Prophets, but all can prophesy

  • How to receive and deliver a prophetic word


If you want to hear the Lord's voice more clearly as well as learn how to capture God's heart for others and communicate it effectively, this workshop is for you!