Do What Jesus DID!


Title: Do what Jesus DID!
Length: 2 hours


Part 1: Teaching. We will discuss the healing ministry of Jesus during His earthly ministry and how it was the primary way He demonstrated the Kingdom (the rule and reign) of God.


Part 2: Activation time. We will pray for those present who need healing.

Many have said the first time they have seen someone healed through their prayers was just after learning the material in this class!


You will learn...

  • The Biblical basis for healing

  • It's God's will to heal

  • How Jesus prayed for the sick

  • All Believers can heal the sick in Jesus' name

  • Healing is one primary way that God's rule and reign is demonstrated

  • How to pray effectively for the sick yourself


If you want to learn more about what the Bible says about healing, learn how to effectively minister healing to others, or need healing yourself, this workshop is for you!