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Blaine Cook

After many years spent in the Quaker tradition, Blaine's wife, Becky, had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit. Blaine was so shocked by his wife’s transformation that it sent him seeking after God for months. In the end, God found him.


At the same time, John and Carol Wimber were launching the Vineyard movement and the Cooks had the opportunity to travel around the globe and participate in the leadership of several early Vineyard Ministries.


Blaine feels honored to serve the Kingdom through teaching on the spiritual gifts, healing, power evangelism and personal evangelism. Foundational to all his teaching is a passion to equip and train whosoever will.


Also a dynamic business leader and entrepreneur, Blaine has formed and managed many successful corporations over the years. In recent years Blaine has used his influence and talents on projects that work to improve the human condition in underdeveloped areas.


Blaine and his wife Becky reside in Southern California near their three daughters, sons-in-law and ten grandchildren.

Important note: Blaine is not affiliated with Kairos but as a friend, we are blessed that he has agreed to allow us to offer his messages on our site.