Founders of Kairos
Married: 23 years
Children: 3 adult children
Pet: Golden Retriever 
Our Heart: We are lovers of Jesus and  life-long disciples who want to walk in obedience by making disciples who do the works of Jesus, who make disciples who do the works of Jesus, who make disciples who...okay, you get it ☺
Ministry: More than 2 decades
Experience: Church Planters, Outreach and Ministry Trainers, Youth Ministry, Altar/Prayer Team, Deacon Ministry, Small Group Leaders, Small Group Directors, Children's Ministry Leaders.
Training: Ministry school but mostly on-the-job training 

David & Rachel

Founders of Kairos

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Our Roots

"KCF" stands for Kairos Christian Fellowship, which is our registered non-profit name,  now simply referred to as Kairos.


We began as a church plant in 2009, were established as a non-profit in 2010 and transitioned to a training ministry that networks with other churches and ministries in 2014. We are based in Kennesaw, Georgia, which is north of Atlanta.


Our mission is to TRAIN, EQUIP, and ACTIVATE believers for the work of ministry,  through hands-on training and workshops.


Kairos Christian Fellowship is a non-profit 501(c)(3) ministry registered with the state of Georgia.